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Grades 3-8 P.E. Make-Up Form


When a student misses P.E. class (non-school related), please complete one of the following assignments and turn it in for credit (30 pts) one week before the end of the nine weeks.  Staple form to assignment (#1-#6) and for #7 and #8 just turn in the form with required signature.


NAME:___________________________  GRADE AND SECTION:________________

TODAY'S DATE: _________________  DATE YOU WERE ABSENT:___________

SELECTION # YOU CHOSE: ___________


1.  Read an article in the sports' section of the newspaper, a magazine article relating to sports/fitness/nutrition etc., or an online article relating to the same, and write or word process a one page summarization. (double space) -You must document your source/website.

2.  List 10 rules from any sport.

3.  Read a book related to a sport and write or word process a one page summarization.(double space)-Include book title and author.

4.  List and define 15 terms from any of the following activities:  football, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, flag football, orienteering, frisbie golf, soccer, tennis, or badminton.

5.  Diagram and label the playing area of any of the activities listed in number 4.

ACTIVITY OPTIONS: Treadmill and/or stationary bike allowed.

6.  Run/jog/walk a mile- parent/guardian signature required.

__________________________________     date:________________________

7.  Ride a bike for 30 minutes-parent/guardian signature required.

_______________________________________  date:__________________

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