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Math Relays

Math Relays

Brendon Rolfs


Math Relays is an annual math competition held in February amongst all Central Plains League middle schools.  Typically ten to twelve 7th graders and ten to twelve 8th graders are chosen, based upon several factors, math competency and work ethic, to name a couple, to represent Garden Plain in this competition.

The competition is made up of both invidivual and team events.  Individual event participants typically are given a paper test and have twenty minutes, working indpendently, to answer as many questions correcly as possible.  The team events are similar but two or three students are allowed to collaborate to answer as many questions correctly as possible.  In each case, points, like in track, are awarded to the top six indivuduals or teams with the most correct answers after twenty minutes.  The top three places on each test are awarded medals and, based upon total cumulative points (adding both invididual and team points together), plaques are awarded to the top two schools in each grade level.

We do take this very seriously and I do ask that students chosen to represent Garden Plain prepare for this event.  Each student will be given practice packets and we typically have five practice dates/times, one-and-a-half hours each, scheduled after school leading up to the competition day that allow students to not only work on specific skills/concepts but to also help each other out and/or get assistance from me.

Participating in the Math Relays provides a unique way for students to get to compete, collaborate, discover, and even meet new people ...or get to know their own classmates in a different way.  

Click on the link below to see the competition schedule.

Example Competition Schedule