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Updated 4/30/19


The league track meet is scheduled for Thursday, May 2.
If the weather does not cooperate on that day, the make-up date is set for Friday, May 3.


A huge “thank you” to all that helped with our home track meet this year.  Without the help of so many it would not be possible to host a quality event.  You are all greatly appreciated!!!


Track meet schedules help tell us when the field events and the running events begin and to give us the order of events.  However, there is really no way to know, for sure, when an event beyond the first one listed will take place.  The best we can do is estimate when certain events will occur.  My suggestion is to show up earlier than you anticipate the event to begin ...or have someone at the meet keep you updated as to where things are at in regards to the order of events.


Check the forecast ahead of time but always be prepared for any type of weather.
It is a good idea to bring the following items to every meet:
sweats, hoodie, rain gear, sunblock, hat, healthy snacks & beverages.


All athletes must have a current physical on file in the office and have met the state pre-season education requirements (concussion meeting) before they can practice.